PR briefly: what is in its nature and what business tasks it can solve

The nature of PR is to work on reputation first.

5 issues that can be solved with PR

To establish you as an expert. It is important not only to have an opinion, but also establish expertise in the media. PR makes people know you and your brand from the perspective of expertise in the field you are working in.

Generate demand by creating value for your product. Not always the value of a product is obvious. PR's goal is to highlight it in different ways and make sure it’s clear for your target audience.

Increase media coverage. We know from our own experience that it is common to measure market presence as well as the capabilities of the product. Brands should think about increasing their visibility in "Google". Especially in the IT, Fintech, and B2B fields 

International PR. Publications in foreign media will help to enter the global market. It can be achieved even if the project is realized in one country, but you are aiming to launch it in another in the nearest future.

Build an HR brand for the company. It is crucial to increase the attractiveness of the company among potential employees.

«Tip: use PR tools combined with other marketing tools. PR will increase coverage of your company or warm up interest in the event».

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a PR campaign

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of PR approaches, we consider the following indicators:

Citation index. Once the news comes out, we monitor mentions in the media. Here we will find out which publication is mentioned on a more frequent basis and in many different places.

«Tip: one more important part of PR is emotional feedback about campaigns. There is a core PR indicator to identify audience interactions — tone of voice. What and how they write about you. Find out from customers and potential employees what mood they come with after reading about your company or your campaign, how they identify you, what associations you evoke».

  • Coverage achieved by media publications.
  • Requests from the media to comment on some topics.
  • General recognition in the market. You can find out about it via surveys.
  • The number of invitations to industry events.
  • Data on Brand queries in search.

«Tip: when you track PR campaign impact, you need to also take into account resources that you used during realization».

How will a PR agency help

Any company needs to work with reputation, but does it always require a contract with a PR agency? PR is a long term game, it won’t resolve  all reputational and business  problems immediately  and won’t be able to immediately increase sales. But by setting up this work systematically, you can achieve impressive results.

First thing in a best PR campaign is to correctly determine goals. At Zecomms Agency, we offer a PR strategy that will help you with personal cases, tell you what to do and what to not, evaluate the need, and determine the added value of a PR campaign for your product.

Any other questions? Ask and get an answer.