Soula App's Global Debut: 300M media reach done in top-tier media

Challenge: Breaking Through the Noise in Maternal Care

As Soula App, the world's first AI assistant with top human expertise for maternity, approached its much-anticipated launch in Dubai, the challenge was clear – support the launch of Soula app in MENA and US regions. Amidst a sea of information, Zecomms Agency was supposed to prove that Soula can become the beacon of support for expectant and new mothers worldwide. The task was to strategically position Soula in international media, emphasizing its significance and the backing it received from philanthropist and impact investor Natalia Vodianova.

Solution: Zecomms Agency – Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Recognizing the transformative potential of the Soula App, Zecomms Agency took charge of the narrative, highlighting its unique features and the endorsement by Natalia Vodianova. The agency collaborated closely with Soula to position the launch as a global event, leveraging the international team's expertise to ensure a nuanced and culturally sensitive approach. Zecomms became the driving force behind Soula's PR strategy, emphasizing its role in empowering women through innovative maternal care.
Natalia Miranchuk, the Founder of Soula, says: “As the founder of Soula, I recognize the critical importance of communicating our core values in a way that aligns with the cultural nuances of the UAE market. To achieve this, we partnered with an agency renowned for its extensive network in financial, health, and venture journalism. Their swift and strategic approach, combined with their deep understanding of the local landscape, ensures that Soula's narrative is not only culturally relevant but also highly engaging for the UAE audience. This is crucial for us, given the significance of this market in our overarching strategy.”
With a database rich in contacts across financial, health, and venture journalism, the agency was well-positioned to act swiftly. Recognizing the significance of the UAE market, Zecomms engaged closely with its existing contacts, ensuring that the narrative surrounding Soula was culturally relevant and appealing to the local audience.

Results: Media Recognition and Global Reach

Zecomms Agency's strategic PR efforts propelled Soula App into the international spotlight. The launch was covered by MENA and US media outlets, including industry leaders like WWD, Yahoo News, Fast Company, and Wired. The agency's ability to tailor the message for different markets led to a widespread reach, making Soula's impact resonate with diverse audiences, achieving 4B+ potential reach, and allocating 297M reach to publication during the month.
The success extended beyond coverage; journalists from esteemed publications such as the Financial Times and Grazia expressed interest in delving deeper into the Soula story. Zecomms Agency had successfully created a narrative that captured attention and invited further exploration by influential media outlets.

Conclusion: Zecomms Agency – Elevating Soula to Global Acclaim

Zecomms Agency's role in Soula App's international launch exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic PR. By crafting a compelling narrative, the agency not only secured coverage in top-tier media but also sparked interest from influential journalists. Soula's success, backed by Zecomms' meticulous PR efforts, serves as a testament to the agency's ability to not only break through the noise but to create a resonant and influential conversation on a global scale. In the realm of maternal care, Zecomms has proven that strategic PR can be a powerful catalyst for positive change, amplifying the voices of those dedicated to empowering women worldwide.4