Qrator Labs: A Masterstroke in Cybersecurity PR by Zecomms Agency

Challenge: Elevating Qrator Labs in the UAE Cybersecurity Landscape

When Qrator Labs sought to establish its prominence in the UAE cybersecurity sphere, they turned to Zecomms Agency for a comprehensive PR strategy. Armed with an extensive in-house PR team, Qrator Labs had the materials and news ready, but the challenge lay in making a significant impact in the dynamic and discerning UAE market. Zecomms, with its deep understanding of the region and a robust database of journalists, embarked on a mission to amplify Qrator Labs' message, focusing on the unique approach the UAE takes towards local data and cybersecurity.

Solution: Strategic PR Leveraging Local Insights

Zecomms Agency, recognizing the importance of making local data work for Qrator Labs, took swift action. Drawing on its existing relationships with journalists, the agency crafted a narrative that aligned with the local nuances of the UAE market, making sure the tech and newsworthy angles are applied together. The partnership involved not just disseminating information but tailoring it to the specific needs and concerns of the region, ensuring that Qrator Labs' cybersecurity solutions were presented in a context that resonated with the local audience.

Results: Media Triumph in the UAE and Beyond

Zecomms Agency's strategic approach yielded remarkable results for Qrator Labs. Over the course of the year, Qrator Labs was featured in online publications, including TV and radio appearances. The coverage spanned esteemed media outlets such as Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Al Arabia, and many others, solidifying Qrator Labs' presence in the UAE cybersecurity discourse.

The success extended beyond the UAE, as Zecomms facilitated Qrator Labs' foray into the US market, securing coverage in prominent tech media outlets like Techradar and Cyber News. The potential media reach exceeded 270 million, allocating 11 million+ reach to publication monthly.
Irina Guseva, Head of Communications at Qrator Labs indicates: “Entering the MENA region meant stepping into an entirely new realm of public relations and media. Successfully navigating the unique challenges of this region demanded a careful and localized approach. Under the guidance of ZECOMMS, our international PR efforts were strategically directed, resulting in a significant presence across pivotal media outlets and a seamless alignment with the desired brand perception in the market. This collaborative effort propelled us to new heights, underscoring the essential role of dedication, creativity, and effective communication in harmonizing our strategy with the vision for this market”.
Zecomms Agency's collaboration with Qrator Labs not only achieved immediate PR goals but also laid the groundwork for future success. The published articles covered a range of topics, from the surge in cyberattacks during Ramadan to the complexities of IoT device vulnerabilities. The media reach and the quality of coverage set the stage for Qrator Labs to continue shaping the narrative around cybersecurity, not just in the UAE but on a global scale.

Conclusion: Zecomms Agency – Architecting Cybersecurity Success

Zecomms Agency's partnership with Qrator Labs stands as a testament to the power of strategic PR in navigating complex markets. By combining local insights with a targeted approach, the agency propelled Qrator Labs into the forefront of cybersecurity discussions. The success achieved in the UAE, coupled with the expansion into the US market, demonstrates Zecomms' ability to craft narratives that resonate globally. Qrator Labs' journey from a regional player to a global cybersecurity influencer is a case study of how effective PR, rooted in local understanding, can transform a company's reputation and impact.